Quizzelda is a quiz app for Android and IOS, and a quiz managing dashboard for web. It has curated good designs to make the app simple to use while maintaining good ux.
The app uses pure react native code, so it would be easy to scale. it supported with all of react native libraries. The dashboard built using react. Both of the products using mobx state tree to handle state, which make it extremely simple for this task, and firebase for the backend db. It contains all the features needed for a quiz app, which includes :
  • Choose quiz from various filters (popular, recommended, recents, categories ...)
  • Login using Email and password , Facebook, or Apple
  • Forgot password mechanism
  • Add or remove quiz from favorites
  • See the app leaderboard with the top scores users
  • Solve a timely based quiz and earn a score
  • Search for quizzes by name
  • See your profile info, such as your name and your score
  • Logout
Features for the dashboard contains :
  • Login using predefined email and password
  • See quizzes in multiple filters (recents, popular, alphabetically ...)
  • Add a new quiz or edit existing quiz details (name, description, category, ... )
  • Add or Edit quiz questions (question with 4 possible answers, and choose the correct one)
  • Add a new category details or edit an existing one (name, description, picture ...)
We have made sure that the code is well structured and removed of unnecessary screens to make your development life easier. It is also integrated with the following features so you could have an even better development experience.
  • ​ESLint to provide you with linting capabilities
  • ​Prettier for code formatting
  • ​Detox for integration testing

What will you have in Quizzelda ?

  • Quizzelda Mobile app
  • Quizzelda web dashboard

Quizzelda Technology Stack

Quizzelda mobile app

  • React Native
  • Mobx state tree
  • React navigation
  • React Native Paper
  • Firebase (Auth and Firestore)

Quizzelda web dashboard

  • React
  • Mobx state tree
  • React Router
  • Firebase (Auth and Firestore)


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